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Turbine Super Cub Project

Sponsorship & Giveaway Campaign

Mad Customs vintage logo




Mad Custom Cubs presents an exciting opportunity

We're thrilled to invite aviation enthusiasts and potential investors from all over the world to be part of a unique and wild project – the construction of a turbine-powered Super Cub aircraft. 


This innovative venture aims to push the boundaries of aviation, and we invite you to join us on this inspiring journey.  Together we can create a groundbreaking turbine-powered Super Cub and have some fun along the way.


Showcase and Giveaway!

After the completion of the Turbine Cub, it will be showcased at a variety of aviation events across North America and then auctioned off.  By auctioning the aircraft, we generate funds to fuel our next innovative project, ensuring a continuous cycle of creativity and giving back to our community.  This provides a unique opportunity for enthusiasts and investors to contribute to its creation and showcase their businesses.

And that’s not all ...

We are thrilled to offer our sponsors extra chances to win a pilot's license or its cash equivalent of $15,000 to reward your support and involvement in making it happen.  

Donations &


We will fund this unique Super Cub with fans of aviation and industry leaders.  Individuals and businesses from around the globe can get their mark on the plane.

The Build

24/7 Support

The build begins immediately and will continue as donations are received.  Follow us for updates.

Take Flight

We will exhibit this Turbine Super Cub at aviation shows and events all around Canada and the USA.


A chance to win a pilot's license or its cash equivalent of $15,000.

*No purchase necessary

This isn't just about building an aircraft; it's about crafting a legacy.

Shane Madson, Mad Custom Cubs

Project Overview

Our goal is to build a high-performance Turbine Super Cub aircraft, combining classic design with cutting-edge technology. Tons of power in a smaller aircraft.  This project promises not only to enhance the aviation experience in STOL competitions but also to open doors for new possibilities in aerial exploration in the back country.

Why Sponsor or Invest ...



Be at the forefront of aviation innovation by supporting the development of a turbine-powered Super Cub.



Gain exposure and recognition as a key contributor, with your name/logo prominently featured on the aircraft, promotional materials, and online platforms.


Community Impact

Contribute to the aviation community, fostering passion and interest in aeronautics.


Exclusive Benefits

Extra chances to win a pilot's license or its cash equivalent of $15,000.  Also enjoy exclusive perks such as test flight opportunities, VIP event access, exclusive merchandise and more.


When we reach our goal to fund this project, Mad Customs Inc. will spread the love of aviation by giving away sponsorship for a new pilot to complete their private pilot's license or its cash equivalent of $15,000.


There are limited opportunities for sponsors to fund $100,000.  These sponsors will receive a 15% return on their investment email me to learn more 

Levels of Sponsorship

There are a number of different ways you can be part of the project and every contribution brings us closer to making this project a reality.  

Levels of Sponsorship
Platinum Level
  • All Gold-Level benefits PLUS:
  • Merch bundle of hats, T-shirts, and hoodies.

  • VIP event access along with a flight in the turbine cub.

  • Large logo (approx. 430sq inch +) on prime real estate on aircraft. 



*Fund $100,000 and you will receive a 15% return on your investment email me to learn more 

Gold Level
  • All Silver-Level benefits PLUS:
  • ​VIP event access

  • Personalized project updates with brand recognition on our YouTube channel

  • Moderate size logo (approx. 165sq inch) incorporated into the design


Silver Level
  • ​Showcase your logo on aircraft (approx. 85sq inch) incorporated into the design

  • Dedicated shout outs across our social media platforms

  • MCC hoodie


Bronze Level
  • Showcase your name on aircraft incorporated into the design

  • ​MCC hoodie

  • 10 entries to win $15,000 CAD or a pilot's license

  • A skill testing question will need to be answered before receiving your prize


Shane Madson's journey in aviation has been marked by innovation and passion.


Enter the Giveaway!

No purchase necessary.  Complete the form below and subscribe to the YouTube Channel for a chance to win $15,000 or your pilot's license.

Click here to see Mad Customs Inc. Giveaway Terms and Conditions


Want your products featured?

Get in the spotlight

A plane is made up of many parts.  If you're a fabricator or dealer and want your gear to be featured in this project, let's talk about it.  

Once completed, this plane will be exhibited all over Canada and the USA at aviation shows and events.  The build process will also be filmed and broadcasted across all of our social media channels and to our newsletter subscribers.

The fuselage selected for this build is the Backcountry Revision 3 by Backcountry Super Cubs.

If you have any questions about getting your gear in the spotlight contact me for inquiries or customized sponsorship packages.

You're the best!

Thank you for joining us in making aviation history with the Turbine Super Cub Project!

Together we will make this happen!

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