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The Patina Cub by Shane Madson and Mad Custom Cubs

Delivering Exceptional Services for the Aviation Community

Mad Custom Cubs Patina Cub and the Madson Family

Hi, I'm Shane Madson and I build custom bush planes that defy the ordinary. Stock doesn't excite me—I'm all about innovation. Whether it's pushing boundaries or helping fellow aviators build their dream planes, I'm here to make it happen.

I have substantial experience as a private pilot, clocking numerous flight hours, particularly in crop dusting and backcountry aviation.

My interest lies in aircrafts with outstanding STOL capabilities.


From an early age I loved aviation and was consistently making modifications to anything with an engine, progressing into the construction of custom motorcycles.  This journey has ignited a profound passion for crafting unique bush planes, always exploring innovative approaches.  My specialization lies in precision fabrication,  consistently pushing the boundaries of aviation performance.

Outside of work, I enjoy hunting, fishing, and quality family time, often travelling in the bush plane that I personally built. 

Shane Madson, Founder & Owner of Mad Custom Cubs

We offer new builds and builder support for complete aircraft assembly, including parts, development, and customized components. Whether you’re seeking to construct a unique bush plane or require aircraft fabric covering, we specialize in tube and fabric for experimental/ amateur built aircraft.  Our versatile fabrication shop turns your dreams into reality- whatever you envision, we can make it happen.


Throughout the years, I've constructed numerous Super Cubs and tube and fabric bush planes. My experience spans various modifications and options, allowing me to distinguish what is effective and what isn't.  

Share your mission, and I'll assist you in making informed decisions tailored to your backcountry goals. 

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